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men CUFFLINKSPATERSON GENTS is a signature range of jewellery designed for the modern man.

Bold and stylish, this collection is crafted with the finest materials & shows off artisanal workmanship.

The range includes signet rings, stone-set rings, wedding bands, symbolical rings and dress rings, in 9kt Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver as well as dog tag pendants and cufflinks in Sterling Silver.

PATERSON GENTS is owned and manufactured by Paterson Fine Jewellery.

Our promise to you, is to provide excellent service and quality jewellery, supported with marketing so you can stock PATERSON GENTS confidently.


A Prominent Wholesale Men's Jewellery Brand Australia

ring paterson gentsPaterson Fine Jewellery has been at the forefront of the wholesale jewellery industry since 1935. PATERSON GENTS is one the most prominent men's jewellery brands (Australia) preferred by retailers for several reasons.

The consistency in quality craftsmanship, comfort finishes, reputably sourced metals & materials along with a wide range of designs sets a high standard for wholesale men's jewellery.

In addition to this, Paterson prides itself on service quality, after-sales support and offers a 12-month warranty on the PATERSON GENTS wholesale men's jewellery range.

Our manufacturing capability eliminates unnecessary middle-men allowing us to offer you a wide range of wholesale men's jewellery at competitive prices. Your satisfaction is our success which drives us to be one of the best men's jewelery suppliers in Australia and New Zealand.



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Browse our latest catalogue for a range of men's rings wholesale, men's diamond rings wholesale, men's cufflinks wholesale and men's pendants wholesale. We offer men's gold jewelery wholesale in 9kt Yellow Gold and men's silver jewellery in high quality Sterling Silver. The PATERSON GENTS wholesale men's jewellery range has a wide variety of precious, semi-precious and lab-grown gemstones with Australian Opal and Black Onyx men's rings being the most popular. We use nickel free alloys and source our metals from a reputable supplier, an accredited member of the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). 



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Personalise your ring


Most PATERSON GENTS ring designs can be personalised by adding a symbol. We have 21 symbols to choose from below.

Step 1 - Pick a gents ring design. It’s best to pick a design that has a large front face so your choice of symbol will fit into it.

Step 2 - Select a precious metal and/or gemstone.

Step 3 - Select a symbol below.


Personalise your gents ring with one of these 21 symbol


Contact us to order your personalised ring



Custom orders

Paterson Gents - Custom designed rings Melbourne Paterson Gents - Custom designed rings Melbourne

Looking to create a signature piece for a special occasion? We custom design and manufacture jewellery such as graduation rings for educational institutions, family crest rings, sporting rings, commemorative rings and corporate jewellery.

Step 1 - Our jewellery consultant will assist with the design process to ensure it suits your requirements and budget. Bulk pricing discounts apply for large orders.

Step 2 - As the next step, our highly skilled designers will design your jewellery in CAD.

Step 3 - Once the design meets your approval, it will be manufactured by a team of expert craftsmen in our Thailand factory. The timeframe for custom orders is 4-6 weeks.


More info about custom jewellery




Do you only sell wholesale men's jewellery?

Paterson Fine Jewellery stocks a wide variety of wholesale jewellery for men, ladies and children. You can view our product range here. Our trademark brands are Firegem Australian Opal and My Little Angel - Baby & Children's Jewellery. Our generic brands are Paterson Gents & Paterson Ladies. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on new products, offers and sales.


Do you sell men's jewellery at retail?

The PFJ website is strictly wholesale only. If you are interested in our retail range of men's jewellery, we recommend contacting our retail arm Paterson Diamonds.


How can I see prices?

Like many other wholesalers, access to our website is granted via a registration process. If you would like to view prices for our wholesale jewellery, all you have to do is create an account.    

All wholesale jewellery account applications are subject to assessment. Once your account has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email.  

If you are a member of a buying group, the prices displayed on our website will include your membership discount.


What is the best way to wear men’s Jewellery?  

Jewellery is best worn with confidence. Go for a balanced approach when choosing men’s jewellery. First, consider the personal style of your potential clients and choose pieces that resonate with it – whether it's subtle elegance or bold statements.  

Our Paterson Gents design team strive to create men's jewellery that complements each other with a combination of metals and stones for a cohesive look. Less is often more, so select a few key pieces to avoid overwhelming an outfit. A wristwatch can serve as an anchor, complemented by a ring or pendant. For a formal occasion, add a touch of class with cufflinks. Ensure proper fit; jewellery shouldn't be too tight or loose. Ultimately, people wear what makes them comfortable and reflect their personality. 


What Jewellery looks good on men?  

Jewellery can enhance a man's style when chosen thoughtfully. Simple yet elegant options often work best. Chains with pendants can add subtle flair. Rings, ideally one per hand, provide a touch of personal style. Bracelets should complement the overall look without overpowering it while a classic wristwatch exudes sophistication. Cufflinks are excellent for formal occasions, offering a touch of refinement to a tailored suit. Precious metals like gold and silver are distincitve and timeless choices, while materials like wood or leather can provide an informal appeal. Ultimately, the key is balance and personal expression, tailoring jewellery to your customers individual style.

We always strive to exchange opinions with our regular customers in order to better understand what is selling well and always be on top of trends. 


What are the different types of fit available for men’s rings?

Men's rings come in various fits, catering to personal comfort and style preferences. The most common fits include:  

  1. Standard Fit: This is the classic fit, with a slightly rounded interior for comfortable wear. It's easy to slide on and off.  
  2. Comfort Fit: Featuring a slightly rounded interior, this fit reduces friction and pressure on the finger, making it exceptionally comfortable for everyday wear.  
  3. Flat Fit: Flat fits have a flat interior and exterior, creating a sleek, modern look. They can be less comfortable for extended wear.  
  4. Bevelled Edge Fit: This design combines flat and comfort fit features. It's comfortable like the latter but has a distinctive beveled edge for added style.  
  5. Tapered Fit: These rings are thicker on one side and gradually taper to a thinner edge, providing a unique aesthetic and feel.  
  6. Concave Fit: Concave rings have an inward-curved interior, offering a snug fit with a contemporary appearance.  
  7. Wedding Band Fit: Designed specifically for wedding bands, these fits often include additional features like comfort curves or sculpted shapes. 

The choice of fit depends on personal preference and the intended style, ensuring both comfort and fashion align perfectly. 


How do cufflinks enhance a man’s style? 

Cufflinks are the unsung heroes of men's fashion, capable of elevating any outfit. They infuse sophistication and personality into formal attire, transforming a standard dress shirt into a statement piece. The choice of cufflinks reveals a man's attention to detail and style prowess. Classic designs exude timeless elegance, while contemporary and novelty cufflinks offer a playful edge. The choice of materials, whether precious metals, gemstones, or novelty motifs, can convey luxury or a sense of occasion. Well-matched cufflinks complete a polished look, showcasing a man's commitment to excellence and making a lasting impression. In essence, cufflinks are the finishing touch that elevates a man's style from ordinary to exceptional. 


Can I personalise a gent’s ring with a symbol? 

Yes. We can personalize a select range of men’s rings with a variety of symbols depending on your customer’s choice.   

To create your desired ring, firstly choose a design from our range of gent’s rings. It’s best to pick a design that has a large front face so your choice of symbol will fit into it. You can choose from an oval, cushion or rectangular face.   

If the design you have picked is a stone set, you can choose to change the stone to a different one. Pick your preferred stone such as Black Onyx, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Created Garnet, Created Ruby, Hematite, Lapis, Red Agate, Red Jasper, Synthetic Blue Stone or Tigers Eye.  

Next, pick your preferred metal and ring size. You can choose from Sterling Silver, 9kt/14kt/18kt Yellow Gold, 9kt/14kt/18kt Rose Gold, 9kt/14kt/18kt White Gold, Platinum.  

Lastly, select a symbol. You can choose from 18 different symbols for gents rings – horseshoe, horseshoe & head, warrior, anchor, masonic, masonic G, motorbike, crocodile, landing eagle, hunting eagle, standing lion, Celtic cross, dragon, standing dragon, bulldog, shark, cobra or shamrock.  

All personalized rings are custom-made in our factory. Allow 4-6 weeks for custom orders.  

Contact us to order your personalised gents ring. 


Do you make custom-order rings?

Yes, we make custom rings for special occasions, corporate gifts and commemorative events.   

We custom design and manufacture jewellery such as graduation rings for educational institutions, family crest rings, sporting rings, commemorative rings and corporate jewellery.  

Book a no-obligation consult to discuss your jewellery requirements. Our skilled jeweller will work closely with you to understand your desires, determine your vision and assist you with material selection including precious metals and gemstones. Following that our jewellery designer will sketch the initial design using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a digital model. We then source the gemstone and ensure it suits your requirements and budget.   

Once the design is approved, the fabrication process begins in our Thailand factory, often involving casting, meticulous handwork, gemstone setting, and precise polishing. Rigorous quality checks ensure the piece aligns with your expectations.  

The timeframe for custom jewellery orders is 4-6 weeks.   

Book a consult today to talk to us about your custom jewellery needs.


What is your ordering process? 

Browse our range of gents jewellery on our website. You can view stock availability in real time on our website by selecting the 'In Stock' filter.  

Login to your account to order online. If you do not have an account, you can create an account. Once your application is approved you will be able to login and place an order.  

You can also contact us to place an order via email or over the phone.  

For in stock items, we will dispatch the jewellery within 2 business days of receiving your order. If the item is out of stock, please allow 4-6 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.  

For more details on shipping timeframes and costs, please see our shipping and returns page.


How much will my shipping be?  

We ship Australia-wide and internationally to NZ. For more details on shipping timeframes and costs, please see our shipping and returns page. 


Are there any discounts for regular customers?

As a manufacturer and wholesale jewellery supplier, it gives us the unique ability to offer competitive prices at all times on catalogue items, personalized jewellery and custom orders.  

If you are a member of a buying group, your member discount will be applied to all purchases. When you login, all prices displayed will include your member discount.