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Since FIREGEMTM's inception in 1935, we have produced jewellery which showcases stunning Australian Opals. Opals offer organic, unconventional shapes and striking colours, presenting individuals with an incredible opportunity to express their eclectic, bold and creative sense of style. Opals, once regarded as a collector's item and for tourists are now trending as statement jewellery that celebrate art, creativity and fashion.

The FIREGEMTM range respects the individuality and integrity of each Australian Opal, using simple and clean designs to create both larger statement pieces and more delicate, everyday jewellery. Our Australian Opal jewellery range includes Opal rings Australia, Opal earrings, Opal pendants, Opal brooches, Opal bracelets and cufflinks. Crafted with Solid Opals, Triplet Opals and Boulder Opals, you can be assured that when you buy Australia Opals from FIREGEMTM, they are genuine, high quality Opals that you can treasure for life. By manufacturing the Fire Gem Australian Opal range exclusively in our Thailand factory, we can supply them without the designer price-tag that you might expect.


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FIREGEMTM is a trademark brand of Paterson Fine Jewellery. PFJ is a Melbourne-based Opal jewellery wholesaler and has been supplying bespoke Opal jewellery to retailers across Australia since 1935. As a reputable supplier for wholesale opals in Australia, you can rely on us. To become a stockist for our FIREGEMTM Australian Opal range, just create an account

As a stockist, you can easily order your opal jewellery online via our website or contact us to request a sales rep to vist you. 

Items from the FIREGEMTM Australian Opal range can be selected individually from our catalogue, or purchased as a collection with a branded display set. Point-of-sale material and warranty cards complement the in-store display. Branded packaging is available to purchase separately so you can create an end-to-end experience when your customers buy Australian Opals. The packaging for the FIREGEMTM range features earthy colours, silver text and luxe textures to truly showcase the designs and reflect the Australian outback. 




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Display Set

The below display set is available to showcase our FIREGEMTM jewellery in your showroom. This is complimentary with stock orders, however minimum purchase applies.

Please contact us to request a display set.

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*Accessories not included. Packaging and jewellery need to be ordered separately. Warranty Cards are included with all packaging.






What is special about Australian Opals?

Australian Opals are formed with tiny silica spheres arranged in irregular patterns surrounded by water. The refraction of light through these spheres creates a spectrum which gives the Opal its stunning rainbow colours. This is called ‘opalescence’. Australia is considered the largest source of Opals in the world. Opals found in Australia are more durable than Opals originating from other parts of the world.


Why is fire Opal expensive?

Due to its rarity compared to regular Opal stones, fire Opals are far more valuable. Western Australia Fire Opals, which have recently been discovered, display a bright orange/reddish hue. However, we use Solid Opals, Triplet Opals and Boulder Opals in our FiregemTM Australian Opals collection making it an affordable choice for jewellery.


Does real Opal glow in the dark?

Opals fluoresce or glow slightly under an ultraviolet lamp. However, some Opals appear more fluorescent than others, especially ones originating from Virgin Valley, Nevada which glow with a green fluorescence.


What is a Triplet Opal?

A Triplet Opal consists of 3 layers – a black backing, a thin slice of Opal in the middle and a dome-shaped clear glass, quartz or plastic capping on top. The clear capping amplifies the colour of the Opal and also helps to protect the Opal slice. Opals by nature are fragile gemstones and Triplet Opals are more resistant to impact than a Solid or Doublet Opal. Triplet Opals are a more cost effective option than Solid Opals.


What is a Solid Opal?

Solid Opals are 100% natural. They consist entirely of Opal and do not have any backing or clear dome-shaped capping on top. Australian Solid Opals are predominantly white or translucent in colour with a mesmerising spectrum of colour. Black Opals & Boulder Opals are also considered Solid Opals. Solid Opals are more expensive than Triplet and Doublet Opals.