Custom Orders

Can’t find what your customer is looking for? Or your customer likes an item in our collection but wants some modifications? Most products in our range can be customised or modified to suit your customers’ requirements. Whether it’s a specific size, engraving, replacing a motif or a different metal preference, we can tailor the piece of jewellery to suit your customers’ preferences.

Alternatively, if your customer is looking to create a unique piece of jewellery with specific requirements, we can design and custom make this for you.

These custom orders are quoted individually and delivered to your store within 3-4 weeks.


Rings and cufflinks

We can customise and modify our collection of ladies or men’s rings to suit your customer’s requirements. For example, a customer may like a particular motif like an ‘eagle’, ‘masonic’ or ‘cross’, but prefers a different shape and style of ring, we can customise it by combining a base ring of choice and preferred motif.

We can custom-make any request based on one of our original ring styles. We can fit any ring with a gemstone of choice or place any motif on top.

We also design and manufacture quality graduation rings for schools and educational institutions. Our jewellery designer will assist with the design process to ensure it suits your requirements and budget. Bulk pricing discounts apply.


Pendants and earrings

Most pendants and earrings in our range can be customised by changing the stone or metal type based on your customers’ preference. 

We also design and manufacture custom pendant or earrings with names, initals, numbers, special motifs or gemstones.


Personalised necklaces

You can now order a personalised necklace for your customer easily and online! Just choose the metal, necklace size and the number of letters to determine the price. Then enter the name or phrase you would like to personalise the necklace with and Add to Cart. Expect your personalised necklace order to be delivered to you in 3-4 weeks.

Name necklaces make wonderful gifts and we’re excited to be able to offer this great new service.

Order a personalised necklace or pendant



We custom design and manufacture any jewellery using a wide range of metals like silver, 9kt white, 9kt yellow, 14kt and 18kt. These are quoted individually, and the price is affected by the spot gold price and the size requested.



We offer laser engraving for initials, names, dates or any other special message on Gents rings only. These are usually engraved on the inside of the shank or on the top section of our ‘flat-top’ no-stone styles. Font specification offered is either BLOCK CAPITAL or Cursive Script 

Engravings need to be specially requested and are individually quoted. 

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