Size Guide


Standard necklace sizes available are 45cm and 50cm length.



Children’s bracelet sizes are available in 16cm. 

The Babylinks range of bracelets come in 13cm, 15cm and 17cm.

If you need a specific length, contact us to discuss your requirements.



Bangles are available in sizes 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 65mm and 70mm.  



The PFJ collection of men’s rings can be ordered in sizes L (UK International size chart) to Z +6. Any other size or half-sizes can be custom ordered. The stock sizes we recommend for retail are S, U, W, Y.

Due to the hollow head nature of gents rings, we do not recommend you re-size more than 2 sizes up or down from the original, as this will cause change to the stone setting and can stretch the metal in the shoulders creating a ‘ripple’ effect in the metal.

Kids signet rings

Kid’s signet rings can be ordered in sizes E-Q, however half sizes are not available. 

Ladies rings

Ladies rings can be ordered in sizes K-Q. Any other sizes or half sizes can be custom ordered.  


We do not offer re-sizing services. Please note that any ring re-sizing will void the 12 month warranty. All custom size requirements will be individually quoted, manufactured and delivered in 3-4 weeks.